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Breaking the Rules

Reviewing a couple of photos I took of a Black-shouldered Kite not long after dawn at Mallacoota this week. The early morning light was beautiful with a very warm glow and some colour in the sky.

I don't feel I really cracked these shots - they are OK...but just OK. I think I broke one too many rules I have for a good photo!

1 Rule Broken: Unfortunately I just couldn't get to the right spot due to tree branches where I could get enough distance to not have the awkward angle you get from shooting below the subject. It makes the bird look a little weird...

2 Rules Broken: Blue Sky! Usually a no-no for me personally. I don't really like the look of birds on the blue sky background in general. But in this case the warm glow was so inviting I could resist.

3 Rules Broken: Busy background, I admit I often break this rule. I love a good habitat shot, it's all part of the story, but the clean background does reign supreme as far as an eye-catching photo goes. I did move to another spot, and took a second series of shots. But in the end it was the coy look of the first shot that made it the stand out - and the one I posted to my instagram. I don't think this second one is quite as engaging.

4 Rules Broken: I didn't correct the colour and left the white plumage as it was in the very warm light, which is yellow not white. But on a positive note, it does bring out the red in the eye and is true to the scene. Over corrected photos are not much chop either...

MORAL OF THE STORY: More shots delegated to the "not quite there" basket, but I always learn something! In this case I would have been better to spend the time chasing another bird in a better location where I could eliminate a couple of issues. I am slowly learning the value of moving on rather than rattling off shots just because I have an easy subject in front of me.

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