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Flying Parrot has morphed into existence from my previous business, Far South Design.  


Photography and design is in my blood. My parents owned a camera business in Auckland in the 70's and 80's.  I was given my first camera at age 4 (yes, I still have the pictures) and my passion for photography has ebbed & flowed over the years.

My mother was a nationally recognised photographer in NZ, awarded several medals for her black and white portraits.  I have fond memories of assisting with developing and enlarging photos in our family bathroom under infrared light.

I studied interior design back in the 90's, but somehow ended up in the sign and graphics industry, working with my partner Dirk designing marketing material and signage - everything from business cards to billboards.


I've been self-employed for over 20 years, working for a wide range of businesses from small owner operators to corporate clients and tourism bodies.


Running solo since 2007, I collaborate frequently with Dirk who is a fantastic designer and craftsman in his own right. We work from the same building and there's always a bunch of creative projects coming and going, which we both love.

While my main focus is now photography, I still consult with a small number of dedicated clients on various marketing and tourism projects.


In my spare time I'm a keen gardener and cook who loves being in the kitchen with a bunch of fresh produce to prepare.

Thank you for supporting my work which allows me to follow my passion for photography.



Being a typical photographer, I prefer to stay on the other side of the lens, so here's a portrait of myself done by my partner Dirk Rampling.

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