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If you're wondering where the name Flying Parrot came from, I have 3 rescue parrots, who are highly entertaining and a whole lot of trouble!  Morty loves to travel, he sometimes accompanies me on my birding adventures.



Flying Parrot has morphed into existence from my previous business, Far South Design.  


Photography and design is in my blood. Keen photographers, my parents purchased a small camera shop in Auckland in 1972.  My Dad was multi-skilled and a became a self taught technician, repairing cameras and gun scopes, as hunting was popular in New Zealand at the time.


My Mum became a nationally recognised photographer in NZ, awarded several medals for her black and white portraits.  I have fond memories of assisting with developing and enlarging photos in our family bathroom under infrared light.

I was given my first camera at age 4 and my passion for photography has ebbed & flowed over the years.  I toyed with the idea of a photography career in my teens, but lacked the discipline and determination to see it through.

I was fortunate to have parents with a great love of the outdoors. A large part of my childhood was spent camping with Mum & Dad and my siblings.


When I was 10, we packed up our New Zealand home, and spent almost 2 years travelling the circumference of Australia in Dad's home built 4WD camper van, a life-changing experience that has definitively shaped who I am today.


Both Mum and Dad took hundreds of photographs on our many trips to remote places, so I have a wonderful photographic history of my childhood, something I cherish now they have both passed away.

I never really found my feet in 'the real world', and hated the brief years I spent in the city.  I studied interior design back in the 90's as I wanted something creative to do, but not having a firm direction, I wound up in the sign and graphics industry.


 This was entirely due to meeting my partner Dirk, who is a traditionally trained signwriter.  Dirk and I started our own business in 1999, designing marketing material and producing signage - everything from business cards to billboards.

In 2007, I started Far South Design, a small business design agency combining web, graphic design and photography services.  This later led to producing short videos.  It was a small but successful enterprise that allowed me to devote time to developing new skills and advance my photography.

Dirk moved away from general signage and into a niche market and has the unusual task of hand painting trucks with decorative scroll work, as well as being a talented artist, producing oil paintings in both a classical and modern style.


We've both been self-employed for over 20 years, enjoying taking new directions and opportunities as they present themselves.

We've never let a lack of 'proper education' or resources prevent us from learning. We are both grateful to live in the times of the 'information super highway'.  I'm fond of saying that you can learn anything on YouTube!

After 10+ years in front of the computer at Far South Design, it was time for a change and to take myself further creatively, so Flying Parrot slowly grew its wings.  I purchased my first drone in 2016, obtained a Remote Pilot License (RePL), and added drone photography to my skill set.


From there I've become 100% obsessed with photography, and after trying many different forms, I've come to the conclusion that nature photography, predominately birds and landscapes, is the best fit for me.

My life is now planned around photography and exploration, and I am devoted to continuing my creative pursuits.  I feel it's exactly where I'm meant to be.


I'm thankful for the friends I'm making along the way and the inspiration I receive from connecting with others who share my journey.

Thank you for supporting my work, which allows me to follow my passion for photography.


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