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My Camping Set-Up

I love heading off in the van! I'm busy getting ready for a couple of short trips.

In this video I do a quick run-down on what I have onboard. Scroll down for my checklist of gear.

My List of Stuff

4x 20 Litre water containers

Small Gas bottle

2 Burner Gas Cooktop

Butane Canisters x8

Single Butane Burner

Small Brazier

3 Bags of Firewood, kindling, firelighters, matches, paper

2 Camp chairs & birding stool

NOCO battery charger (charged before each mission)

Fold out coffee table

Fold-out larger table

Collapsible camp kitchen table (yeah probably a bit excessive on the tables, but I like bench space!

Queen sized bed (ahhhh the luxury)

Wolf-eyes (rechargable battery) head torch and hand torch

USB LED magnetic string lights with dimmer switch

Velco-on mozzie door net for sliding door

Mozzie sticks and 3 of those candles with citronella, plus mozzie spray

Inflatable fishing kayak, paddle, electric pump, hand pump, repair kit.

Waterproof bag for my camera

2 tripods (one crappy lightweight one, one decent one that a bit heavy)

Cameras of course! (will do a breakdown of my camera equipment in a seperate video)

Fold out recycled plastic camping carpet

Muk mats (love these!) 2 caravan step ones on the step, one large one inside the van and one door mat sized one which I usually pop at the entry point to the carpet for wiping feet

Companion 2 compartment fridge/freezer with onboard lithium battery. I usually start with the freezer on and switch it to fridge after I've eaten most of the frozen meals - it does use a lot more battery power operating the freezer.

Dometic 180w Solar Panel Kit

Collapsible bucket

Collapsible garbage bag

Fold-out Shovel

Tent pegs and ropes

Dustpan & 2 hand brooms

Microfibre towels and several cloths

Recycled plastic bags for rubbish and muddy shoes

Dishwashing basin, liquid, steel scourers, tea towels

Random ziplock bag with rubber bands, twist ties, bull dog clips and other handy bits.

Bamboo skewers

Frypan, 2 saucepans, colander, 3 stainless steel bowls

Plastic plates, cups, plus thermos cup.

Couple of Tupperware type containers for leftovers

2 glass wine glasses from the op shop (no drinking wine from plastic, noooooo)

Insulated Coffee Plunger

Camp Oven and Billy

Cutlery, tongs, spatula, knives ...the usual kitchen drawer stuff, plus a pocket knife.

First Aid Kit (haven't got the snake one yet, probably should get it)

Hunters Element Gaiters (love these! Super comfortable and tough)

Stainless steel pegs, small amount of washing pow, roll of cord

I have a gas powered hot water heater by Joolca but I haven't taken it anywhere or used it yet, probably could have done without it.

The Wishlist


Tow strap

Snake Bite First Aid Kit

Winch??? (well, it is a wishlist...)

Tyre pressure regulator

One of these

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