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My 2-Day Birding Adventure with Bali Birding Tour

Well ... why not I thought, I'm overseas and blowing the budget anyway!

Seriously, it was worth every cent, such a memorable experience.

2 things I'd do differently ...

  • Take Mossie repellant - although the guys graciously offered to stop and buy some when I forgot to bring it on day one, I'm a biting-insect-magnet and the damage was already done by then.

  • Slow down a bit. I'm not used to having company on my birding adventures, so I did feel some pressure for no apparent reason, and rushed myself a bit. I missed a few shots when I didn't need to.

Other than that, I was surprised how good the tour was, and it was busy! You got value for money visiting many different places and seeing a lot of birds, not all of which I managed to photograph. I was well and truly ready for a dip in the pool, a cocktail and some LSD (little sit down) when I got back to Puri Dajuma!

If I did it again I'd probably spend more time in the bird hides getting those extra special moments on camera.

I did email Bali Birding Tour and request a custom itinerary, which was along the lines of, I'm going to be here at *this time and *this place, what can you do for me??? They got back to me very promptly with a costing and itinerary.

No, it wasn't cheap, but I did haggle a bit and received a significant discount on the quoted price. It's the Indo way! Can't hurt to ask....

I was staying at Puri Dajuma Beach, Eco-Resort and Spa (which I highly recommend - see my video here). in West Bali, and was picked up and dropped off each day:

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