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Birding at Yanga National Park

I stopped by Yanga National Park near Balranald on the Murrumbidgee for a few days to check out the birding possibilities. I should have allowed more time as it looked pretty good but timing and conditions were a little bit rocky and prevented me from seeing as many birds as I could of ... but still a great stop!

Not much in the way of landscape photography, but I was really there to shoot birds.

My favourite shot is these two Blue Bonnets - aren't they just gorgeous!

The Blue Bonnets were the number one highlight, with lots of Red-rumped parrots a second.

Another great experience was observing 5 Whistling Kites, a mix of adults and juveniles, near Yanga Lake. Not easy to get a clean shot in the trees but fun to watch. I did get a sore neck from looking up after a while!

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