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Magic Mushrooms - simple tips to create a striking Fungi photo!

A few notes on aperture and terms I use in the video:

... Just to make it confusing, a "small" aperture is actually the higher number. The word small refers to the size of the lens opening. A wide or large aperture is the lower number, such as the f2.8 and f4.0 I mostly use in my fungi shots.

I use the terms "high and low" in my video to avoid confusion by referring to the numerical aspect - probably not technically correct - but I think it's a clearer way of describing the setting for those who may not be familiar with aperture settings.

Therefore, when I say higher aperture, I'm meaning a higher number such as f16 and up When I say a 'low aperture setting' technically it is the larger aperture - but a lower number such as f2.8, f4.0 etc.

Confused? Just think of it as screwing the gas bottle onto the works the opposite way you think it should! 😂

A few mind blowing facts about Fungi ...

Fungi are neither plants or animals - they have their own life form category which is just fungi! Although they are more closely related to animals, sharing some cells with insects.

Out of an estimated 2-5 million varieties of fungi, with high range of the estimate coming in at 11 million, we have only identified about 6%.

They are the largest organism in the world, by area.

Fungi have been on the planet as estimated 1.3 billion years. I'm not sure about the scientific testing actually used here but anyways..., we'll give science the benefit of the doubt!

And onto the video - happy foraging!

My 'standard' 12-100mm lens I use for general and landscape photography, had it for years, still a go-to lens (equivalent to a 24 - 200mm in full frame) :

Goodenia Rainforest is in South East Forests National Park, about 22km from Pambula Village:

My entry to the Fungi Festivals Fungi Photo Competitions, which won Grand Champion of the two competitions -

This photo is focus stacked - it is 11 images combined. I will be doing a focus stacking tutorial at some point!

Beginners guide to focus stacking

Great macro stacking tutorial!

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