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Mungo at Last!

I have been contemplating this trip for far too long - and then it fell down in the planning 😂 Or lack thereof ...

Amazing place to photograph and visit! I definitely didn't smash the shots - but I did get a couple of nice landscapes. I'm disappointed with my bird shots, but it's an excuse to go back again 😉

A few of my favourite landscape shots:

The formations are so unique! And the light is beautiful 😍

Single shot of the rising moon 🌔

Heat rising 🔥. It's very cold at night, you'll hear my whinge about it in the video 😂 Next trip aiming for after the 1st April so I can have a fire at night.

Crazy bright moonlight before sunrise! That's Jupiter on the horizon...this shot it a bit surreal but it was pretty surreal being there.

I think this is the most beautiful Kangaroo I've ever seen 😍

And now for a few birds - the BIG mistake was not doing the self drive 70km tour on my only free day. Another one on the 'next time' list. I think they birding would have been pretty speccy. I was happy to snap this beautiful White-winged Fairy Wren in this golden foliage but I couldn't quite crack the full body shot 😖 I found the White-wings to be as elusive as Emu-wrens, quite darting into the shrubbery as soon as they spot you.

Far too cute junior White-winged Fairy Wren.

And the birding highlight, Major Mitchell Cockatoos! They were smaller than I imagined, about Corella size, which only made them even more charming.

Til next time Mungo!

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