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My first visit to Bali

I always said "I don't want to go to Bali" - I guess I'm just contrary and it was one of those places its seems like everyone had been too. Except me. And I was OK with that. I'm not one to follow the herd.

I was not expecting to like it, but I loved it!! I think I want to go back again. No - I definitely want to go back again.

I chose to stay and Puri Dajuma Eco Resort in West Bali and I'm soooo glad I did.

And they are opening a NEW place in the centre of Bali near the rice terraces this July! I can imagine it's going to be pretty special....

It is about 3 hours drive from the airport in Denpasar. I pre-arranged to be picked in by Puri Dajuma from the airport which cost me around $85 each way. Not Aussie prices, extremely reasonable for such a long trip. My flight was delayed a bit but the driver patiently waited and got us out of the bustle of Denpasar as quick as he could - which was pretty slowly haha!

Scooter madness, the traffic does take some getting used to. Organised chaos one could say. Balinese people are very polite and patient drivers and have mastered the art of the courtesy beep, which says 'coming through look out for me'. Not like the Aussie beep which is more like 'get the hell out of my way before I smash you'.

On arrival my luggage was whisked away by staff and a cooling fresh coconut and lime drink and cool towel presented while I checked in. A jolly good start!

I ate most of my meals in the restaurant, which was reasonably priced with dishes ranging from about $8 for a vegetable dish, to about $12 for a seafood dish. The seafood was really fresh - we were in a fishing precinct - and I made the most of the cheap prices.

Beef and lamb dishes were more expensive heading up to about $18 - still cheap compared to Australia! There were western dishes on the menu but I didn't even try any of them, I loved the fresh Balinese style food. I'm still cravning more chicken sate sticks, grilled on hot charcoal, so yum.

One thing you shouldn't do in Bali is use the airport money exchange. There is places everywhere to exchange cash and the airport rates are not great. Just change $100 at the airport to pay for your transport etc and then find another place in town. You'll get a much better rate. Stupid me cashed my whole budget thinking I'd just get it over with and not sure how I'd go about finding another place - but it cost me over 10%. I'll only do that once!

I will add more to this blog as I recall anything I think you should know before travelling.

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